About Flexiprint



About Flexiprint

FLEXIPRINT (H.K.) BUSINESS FORMS LIMITED was established in 1989 with the former business name of FLEXIPRINT (H.K.) BUSINESS FORMS, from specializing in the provision of Computer Business Forms to supply a full range of one-stop printing services over the past decade,deeply rooted over 30 years in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is undergoing rigorous challenge. Being an autochthonous company, management along with our experienced team inherited Hong Kong people’s spirit of diligence, perseverance and striving unremittingly. We have constantly pursued the level of excellence of our products and services and persist in maintaining our mission and vision. Management firmly believe continuous improvement can enrich our scope and specialization of services, of which contribute the great success in the steady development of the company. We are committed FLEXIPRINT will continue endeavor to pursue excellence and keep abreast of modern developments with our value of Quality, Proficiency, Sincerity and Reliability and work exceeding the expectations from local, international clients and be your reliable partner with all our clients and participants.

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